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June Is An Important Month For Bed Bug Prevention In Cedar Hill

June 15, 2022 - Bed Bugs

Discovering bed bugs in your home, the place where you are supposed to feel the safest, can cause a high amount of distress and discomfort. Your daily life, with all of your responsibilities, should not have to be impacted in such an emotionally taxing way. 

But there is good news. ProActive Pest Services provides proven and reliable pest control in Cedar Hill you can count on. Read on to learn more about how pest control can kill bed bugs at your residence so that your peace and comfort can be restored once again.   

Why Are Bed Bugs Drawn To Homes In Cedar Hill?

There is a misconception that bed bugs are drawn to unclean environments, but the truth is that they are attracted to warm-blooded mammals like humans, no matter how clean our homes are. Unfortunately, for bed bugs to survive, they must feed on our blood for subsistence. Additionally, female bed bugs require our nutrient-dense blood to be able to reproduce, so your home in Cedar Hill is enticing to bed bugs simply because you live there. Moreover, bed bugs are known to hitch rides in or on the belongings of unsuspecting humans, so you may have brought back more than you expected on that last trip you took.

Signs You Could Be Dealing With A Bed Bug Infestation

If you have an inkling that you may be dealing with a bed bug infestation, take the matter seriously to avoid the problem becoming worse. Be careful not to brush it off as trivial, especially if you notice what looks to be bloodstains on your pillowcases and sheets. In addition, if you notice rusty-looking or dark spots on your walls, bedding, mattresses, and sleepwear, it may be bed bug excrement. Bed bugs also emit an offensive, musty odor from their scent glands, so keep that in mind if you happen to smell something foul. Any combination of these signs should signal that you should contact your local pest control for bed bugs immediately. 

Five Tips To Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your Home 

If your suspicions of having a possible bed bug infestation have been confirmed, at least to some degree, the next step is to take action as quickly as possible to help mitigate the unfortunate situation. Review the five tips below to initiate the process of effective bed bug control:

  1. De-clutter and use a high-powered vacuum cleaner frequently.
  2. Secure your trash bags tightly and remove them from your home right away.
  3. Fill in cracks and holes in your walls.
  4. Launder all clothing and bedding that has had contact with the floor using very high heat.
  5. Seek out the assistance of your local pest control to kill bed bugs.

Attempting to eliminate the problem yourself seldom results in complete eradication of these pests. The best step to take is to get in touch with the professionals at ProActive Pest Services to ensure your bed bug dilemma doesn’t turn into a much bigger catastrophe.

Professional Bed Bug Control Is Especially Important In June

June heralds the arrival of summer, and brings with it all of the fun activities the season offers. But with the official kick-off to this highly anticipated time of year also comes Bed Bug Awareness Week. This represents a great opportunity to educate yourself on how these pests can potentially cause major issues, including those that can adversely affect both your physical and emotional health.  

We at ProActive Pest Services have been Cedar Hills’ number one choice for pest control since 1993. Let us provide bed bug control techniques for your home, performed by our team of friendly and experienced technicians. Contact us today to schedule your inspection.

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