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How To Keep Snakes Away From Your Cedar Hill Property

June 01, 2021 - Snakes

Snakes easily make the list of pests people are most afraid of. Being able to camouflage themselves and slowly slither across the ground, they can sneak up and surprise you. They’ll be charging at you and ready to bite by the time you realize they’re around. These creatures are dangerous, and can kill humans and animals with their venom.

No Cedar Hill home or business owner wants a snake on their property. They can be harmful to their loved ones, domestic pets, employees, and customers. It isn’t easy to keep these critters at bay because they reside in outdoor environments, but you still have options. Find out how you can prevent snakes, and how Proactive Pest Services can assist.

What Snakes Are Common In Cedar Hill? What Are The Risks?

Copperhead and cottonmouth snakes are prevalent in the region; each is a pit viper. Adult copperheads have a reddish tint with a copper-colored crown, hence their name. Their thick and scaly bodies are two to three feet long and covered in brown or red crossbands and dots. Their patterns look like an hourglass, and underneath is a light tan, pink, or brown skin. Their white, yellow, or brown bellies have mottling.

Since they are ground reptiles, they can’t get up past low bushes. While copperheads tend to bite, it’s usually not fatal. Pain and tissue damage are possibilities, though.

Cottonmouth snakes have mouths that are rather white on the inside. That’s the inspiration for their title. When they feel defensive, you’ll see that as a warning sign and notice them coiling up. They are two to four feet long. Among their features are dark stripes on their nostrils and triangular heads. Fully matured snakes in this class have scales of brown, olive, yellow, or black bands. Their stomachs are a lighter shade.

Sometimes, these pests are called “water moccasin snakes” because they swim so well and tend to surround bodies of water. Beware of them; their toxins impact blood flow and cells and can lead to internal bleeding. Humans may also experience intense pain, extremity loss, and muscle or tissue injury.

Here are some other key facts about these snakes:

  • They have eyes that are vertical like cats.
  • They thrive in watery, wooded, grassy, rocky, and sunny zones.
  • You’re liable to find them near branches and logs.
  • They’ll gather by covered spaces, outbuildings, and woodpiles in residential and urban locations.
  • They sometimes get indoors.
  • Children, the elderly, and individuals with immune system problems will be significantly affected by their venom.
  • You need to seek medical attention right away if you get bitten.

How Can Cedar Hill Snakes Be Prevented?

To make your land less appealing to snakes, perform these tasks:

  • Trim your grass and greenery on a routine basis. Get rid of organic debris.
  • Use plants with repellent properties for gardens, such as marigolds, lemongrass, and wormwood.
  • Place wood and plants a few feet away from any structures.
  • Install steel mesh, catch net, or plastic sheeting fencing.
  • Put down gravel around the property perimeter; snakes have trouble passing over this barrier.
  • Close any openings in the exterior of buildings, foundations, and around utility entrances.
  • Ensure sweeps, screens, and weatherstripping are all in good condition.
  • Contact ProActive Pest Services if you have critters that snakes eat, such as birds, frogs, and rodents.

What Can Proactive Pest Services Do About Cedar Hill Snakes?

We at Proactive Pest Services have extensive services dedicated to eliminating creatures like snakes. Our experienced technicians will identify harborage points and vulnerabilities and address them with safe approaches. Solutions and treatments include traps, repellents, exclusion methods, carcass removal, odor remediation, and more. Warranties and follow-up visits are available. Call or email us today!

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