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How Do I Get Rid Of Snakes In My Cedar Hill Yard?

April 15, 2023 - Spiders

At ProActive Pest Services, we love wildlife — when it's living in the wild. However, we also believe in protecting what matters: you and your family. When snakes appear in your yard, we want to get them back into their own territory and out of yours. We're a Cedar Hill pest control company that specializes in wildlife removal.

We have decades of experience and know how to control snakes safely. We can then exclude them from your yard and keep them out with monthly treatments. If you have a snake problem, contact us to schedule your inspection.

What Are Common Types Of Snakes In Cedar Hill?

There are many types of snakes in the Cedar Hill area. They include:

  • Blotched water snake
  • Broad-banded copperhead
  • Brown snake
  • Bullhead snake
  • Earth snake
  • Garter snake
  • Great Plains rat snake
  • Green snake
  • Rattlesnake
  • Ribbon snake
  • Texas milk snake
  • Texas rat snake
  • Water moccasin

Fortunately, not all snakes in the Cedar Hill area are venomous. In fact, only a few are. However, that doesn't mean you don't need pest control for snakes. Snakes belong in the wilderness, not in your yard.

Do All Snakes Bite?

The short answer is yes. All snakes have the potential to bite you if they feel scared or cornered. Since snakes can carry salmonella and other bacteria in their mouths, you should wash the area with soap and water and call your doctor. While not every snake in the area is venomous, venomous snakes in the area, include the broad-banded copperhead, garter snake, rattlesnake, and water moccasin (also known as the cottonmouth).

The broad-banded copperhead is a species of pit viper. Its bite is not generally considered dangerous, though it can cause pain, swelling, and skin death. The garter snake's venom is the least dangerous. It will only cause mild itching in humans. However, there is the potential for an allergic reaction, which could be severe. Rattlesnakes are more dangerous, with their venom causing skin death, excessive bleeding, and, in some cases, paralysis. Water moccasins are another type of viper. Their bites aren't as dangerous as the copperhead or the rattlesnake. Barring an allergic reaction, treatment with an antivenom will prevent skin death and amputation.

If you know or think you have been bitten by any of the above venomous snakes, you should seek professional medical assistance immediately. Even if you think you've been bitten by a nonvenomous spider, you should still seek medical care just in case.

Any of these venomous snakes living on your property creates a severe health hazard for you and your family. You need a Cedar Hill wildlife pest control company like ProActive Pest Services to remove them as soon as you can get us on the phone. Whenever possible, we can provide same-day or emergency services.

What Is Attracting Snakes To My Yard?

Snakes are attracted to your yard if their prey is there. Rodents, lizards, birds, cockroaches, and other bugs are all tasty treats to snakes. Snakes also go where there's moisture, so if you have a leaky outdoor faucet or standing water on your property, you may need snake control services to get rid of them.

You may also want to consider other pest control and snake removal to get rid of whatever it is in your yard that the snakes are attracted to.

You can help prevent other pests as well as snakes if you do things like:

  • Put tight-fitting lids on your outside garbage cans.
  • Change outdoor lightbulbs to yellow bulbs. 
  • Eliminate any standing water.
  • Seal any cracks or crevices in your foundation.
  • Use hardware cloth to block access to the underside of your deck or outbuilding.

While these steps can significantly minimize your risk for snakes, if snakes start becoming noticeable around your home, it's time to seek a professional to remove them.

How Do I Get Rid Of Snakes In My Yard?

Your best bet for getting rid of snakes is to call for professional pest control for snakes near you. ProActive Pest Services has been in business since 1999, giving us the experience to safely remove snakes from your property and keep you and your family safe. Our technicians follow a 48-point pest and wildlife audit when they come to your property, including checking for snakes and their prey. Let us protect what's important. Contact us today to schedule your inspection and to learn more about our pest control services in Cedar Hill.

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