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A Useful Scorpion Prevention Guide For Cedar Hill Homeowners

August 15, 2022 - Scorpions

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The Cedar Hill region is home to several types of venomous pests, including wasps, spiders, and scorpions. As predators, venomous creatures serve an important role in the overall ecosystem by limiting the population of many troublesome insects. Scorpions are arachnids that exist in more than 1,500 different species across the world, most commonly in regions with desert or subtropical climates. 

Scorpions usually restrain prey using their pincers and use their stinger to quickly subdue the target. Some of the most common prey for scorpions include insects, spiders, lizards, mice, etc. Scorpions can survive for months without food if they have access to water. 

The striped bark scorpion is currently the most prevalent species in this region and appears in shades of yellow or tan with a striped tail. The striped scorpion may venture into a home seeking food, and its presence may startle a property owner.  

Are scorpions attracted to your property? A properly trained and equipped Cedar Hill pest control professional knows how to find scorpions, the best removal options, and what repels scorpions.

How To Identify A Scorpion?

Scorpions have a very distinctive appearance and may appear in many colors, such as brown, yellow, red, and white. A long tail extends over the body of the scorpion that has a stinger used for delivering venom that will paralyze its prey. Scorpions have eight legs and claws, and most species can climb well and move quickly.

Scorpions have a durable exterior shell that protects the creature and supports all internal organs. They typically weigh less than two ounces and have a life span that commonly ranges from two to six years. Under ultraviolet lighting, scorpions can appear in a fluorescent glow.

How big can scorpions get? The striped bark scorpion measures an average of 2.7 inches, and the Texas cave scorpion may reach four inches. 

Texas cave scorpions have a darker colored appearance and typically live in “cave-like” environments. The giant forest scorpion is among the largest species in existence and may reach up to nine inches long. 

The Potential Dangers Of A Scorpion's Sting

Do the types of scorpions in Texas pose significant safety risks to humans?  The striped bark scorpion that is most common in this region will deliver a painful sting; however, these incidents rarely result in a fatality. 

Five No-Sweat Scorpion Prevention Tips

Local property owners seeking to reduce the likelihood of attracting scorpions to their properties are typically encouraged to use a comprehensive mix of preventative measures, including: 

  • Keep kitchen areas free of crumbs and ensure trash cans containing food scraps have a functional lid to avoid attracting many of the insects and other types of prey that scorpions hunt. 
  • Remove unnecessary clutter and debris from the exterior areas adjacent to the structure, such as piles of vegetation and firewood.
  • Limit the use of bright exterior lighting near entryways at night that attract swarms of insects that scorpions may pursue. 
  • Fill any external cracks or crevices with caulk or sealant and install sweeps to exterior doors to limit potential entry points.  
  • Always inspect items such as camping gear and seasonal décor that you retrieve from sheds, garages, or other storage areas before bringing them indoors. 

Homeowners also should remember that many of the pests that attract scorpions get drawn in by sources of water. Therefore, you should promptly repair leaking spigots or hoses and keep crawlspace areas well ventilated to prevent moisture. 

Professional Pest Control Makes The Best Scorpion Control

The experts with ProActive Pest Services have more than 25 years of experience providing pest control solutions for residential and commercial customers in this region. Contact our office today to schedule an onsite property inspection.

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