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A Helpful Guide To Keeping Squirrels Out Of Your Cedar Hill Yard

February 15, 2023 - Squirrels

If you call Cedar Hill, TX, home, you are most likely familiar with the local wildlife that calls the area home as well. Seeing squirrels and other wildlife is common around Cedar Hill. When squirrels move into your yard, they can cause damage to your home, phone lines, and electrical service lines. Their presence can cost you money and cause sleepless nights.

When you begin to experience property damage because of the presence of these rodents, the best solution is professional pest control in Cedar Hill, which focuses on removing squirrels and preventing their return. ProActive Pest Services is the number one source for wildlife removal and control in the Cedar Hill area.

The Types Of Squirrels That Hang Around Yards

The most common types of squirrels encountered in Cedar Hill are tree squirrels. Tree squirrel control can be difficult because the animals live primarily outdoors and enter your home to build their nests and raise their young.

Two species of tree squirrels are likely to be found in Cedar Hill yards. They are the fox squirrel and the gray squirrel. Fox squirrels make up the majority of the squirrel population in Texas. These squirrels are larger than gray squirrels. Gray squirrels are more agile than fox squirrels. The gray squirrels are often called "cat squirrels." Gray squirrels are the more social type of squirrel and are usually found in larger groups.

Hickory nuts and acorns are two of the favorite foods for the fox squirrel and the gray squirrel. They also feed on the fruit of the tulip poplar trees, maple tree seeds, beechnuts, walnuts, corn, berries, bird eggs, and certain fungi.

Why Having Squirrels Around Your Yard Is Problematic

You may not realize that squirrels can create problems that could be costly to repair, and they can also spread some diseases.

Some of the issues that squirrels cause to make homeowners need wildlife removal services in Cedar Hill are:

Outdoor problems:

  • They can damage electrical wires leading to your home.
  • They can damage telephone cables.
  • They can damage exterior siding.
  • They can damage bird feeders or eat all of your birdseed.

Indoor problems:

  • They damage insulation.
  • They can damage HVAC systems.
  • They may chew holes in the siding.
  • They may keep you awake. 
  • They can bite if they feel threatened.

On rare occasions, these rodents can pose health threats. In the past, squirrels have been known to spread tularemia and ringworm. While diseases spread by squirrels are rare, it is possible, and they can also introduce fleas into your home.

Five Simple Yet Effective Squirrel Prevention Tips

The most effective Cedar Hill home pest control methods begin with proper prevention. We understand that wildlife control is not easy, but we can offer some prevention tips that may help you:

  1. Cover chimney and vent openings with screens.
  2. Trim tree limbs back six to eight feet from your roofline.
  3. Seal all cracks around doors and windows.
  4. Keep food items sealed in airtight containers.
  5. Contact a professional for wildlife pest removal.

The best way to make your yard and home less inviting to squirrels and other forms of wildlife is to have a professional inspection of the property by pest control technicians trained in the removal, prevention, and exclusion of these animals.

Contact The Pros For Effective Squirrel Removal And Control

Schedule your inspection today with ProActive Pest Services if you have any concerns or problems with squirrels in your Cedar Hill yard or home. We will send a professional technician to assist you in evaluating your Cedar Hill pest problem and deciding the best removal and control methods for your situation.

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