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Things That Go Bump In The Night

Honey...Wake up!!!.... Did you hear that

Noises coming from your walls or attic could be from a caused by a lot of things besides critters. For example a tree limb scrapping the roof or the side of the house, a squeaky turbine vent on the roof, gurgling drains, creaking roof joist, wires and pipes shifting in the walls or even the normal settling house sounds can be amplified at 3:00 in the morning when your wide awake lying in bed wondering  

What in the world was that ?

If you are woke up in the wee hours by unusual noises its important to pay close attention to exactly where and when and what kind of noises your hearing. It's usually not too hard to tell if the noises are coming from a living thing as opposed to house noises. If the noises your hearing are from animals in the house paying close attention may give you important clues to what your dealing with.                                                

Critters large and small just love to live in the protection of the walls and attics of our homes, But attics are the favorite spot for wild animals. It's very common to have wild animals move into the attic of our home causing damage, introducing parasites and spreading disease