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Take Control of Mosquito Infestation and Take Your Yard Back

The In2care mosquito trapping system is an innovative way to take control of the never-ending mosquito issue that people all around the world struggle with. Instead of trapping the adult mosquitos, like many other mosquito traps, it traps the larva inside. However, it allows the adult mosquitos to leave the trap and find other standing water that is present all around your house. The adult mosquito will do a lot of the work for you by spreading the 2 active ingredients. The fungal spore will kill her in 7-10 days and the larvicide will contaminate any place the mosquito lands to breed and will go on to affect any other mosquito that lands in that same water. Welcome to the evolution of mosquito control and call us today to get your In2care system!

Disease Infected Mosquitos Found in the DFW Area

mosquito-719613_1920 (1).jpg

There have been multiple cases of mosquitos testing positive for West Nile Virus in Dallas and the surrounding areas. DCHHS confirmed positive samples in University Park and Desoto, in the 75225 and 75115 ZIP codes. So far this year, DCHHS has confirmed 33 positive samples of West Nile virus in mosquitoes and one human case.  The human case was confirmed earlier this week in Irving where a patient in the 75061 ZIP code contracted the disease. Protecting your home and family from mosquitos is very important not only because the bites are a nuisance but because the diseases that mosquitos can carry can be very serious.

How to Protect Yourself from Mosquito Bites

  • Dress in long sleeves, pants when outside: For extra protection, spray thin clothing with repellent.
  • DEET: Make sure this ingredient is in your insect repellent.
  • Drain standing water in your yard and neighborhood: Mosquitoes can develop in any water stagnant for more than three days.

It has been recommended in the past that to avoid mosquito bites you should avoid being outdoors during Dusk and Dawn. While this is true for mosquitoes that commonly carry the West Nile virus, other types of mosquitoes that are more likely to carry Zika, dengue and chikungunya are active during the day. When outdoors, no matter what time of day, adjust your dress accordingly and wear insect repellent containing DEET, picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus as your first line of defense against insect bites. (NBCDFW)

The Tick: Wrecking Havoc in Peoples Lives

Warnings are going out this year about ticks being very bad. Many people don't understand the risks of disease and illness that come from receiving a tick bite. In the recent months there have been 2 separate cases of family friends being diagnosed with lyme's disease and having serious complications. Getting your yard treated to avoid tick infestation is a very important thing to get done to help  protect your family. 

Embracing the Evolution of Bed Bug Treatment #PestControl2020!

Bed bugs are a dreadful pest to obtain in your home and are very difficult to get rid of. If a person travels much they are at a higher risk at picking up a bed bug in a hotel room or airplane. Once there are bed bugs in a home often time people think that they must get rid of furniture. With Aprehend there is now an option to treat and rid a home of bed bugs without getting rid of all your possessions. 

There are several steps that can be taken to minimize the risk of infestation:

  • Carefully inspect or avoid second-hand furniture, mattresses and bedding.
  • During hotel visits, do not place luggage on the bed or furniture until you have inspected the bedding, mattresses and headboards.
  • When traveling, periodically inspect your luggage and bag.
  • Encase your beds with bed bug proof encasements.

Embracing the Evolution of Rodent Control #PestControl2020!

The pest control industry is constantly working to develop treatments that will be the most effective for every pest control need. Rats and mice are a very difficult issue to gain control over and to eliminate. With Senestech your pest control technician can get to the root of your rodent problem. Senestech is a rodent birth control program that reduces reproduction quickly and effectively. The main cause of infestation is the quick reproduction process that rodents have, so reducing the reproduction of them quickly eliminates the problem.

Embracing the Evolution of Mosquito Control #PestControl2020!

Mosquitoes are a common problem in the lives of people of all ages. Walking outside to check the mail an individual can get nearly eaten alive by the pesky mosquitoes. Many children can not play outside without being bathed in a bug repellent just to try to avoid multiple bites all over their bodies. We need a treatment that will minimize mosquito activity without harming the non-target insects such as bees and butterflies. There is now a treatment that allows that to happen known as In2Care. This treatment is only offered by very few pest control companies and is an innovative form of treatment to reduce mosquito activity and give you your yard back. 

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Honey...Wake up!!!.... Did you hear that

Noises coming from your walls or attic could be from a caused by a lot of things besides critters. For example a tree limb scrapping the roof or the side of the house, a squeaky turbine vent on the roof, gurgling drains, creaking roof joist, wires and pipes shifting in the walls or even the normal settling house sounds can be amplified at 3:00 in the morning when your wide awake lying in bed wondering  

What in the world was that ?

If you are woke up in the wee hours by unusual noises its important to pay close attention to exactly where and when and what kind of noises your hearing. It's usually not too hard to tell if the noises are coming from a living thing as opposed to house noises. If the noises your hearing are from animals in the house paying close attention may give you important clues to what your dealing with.                                                

Critters large and small just love to live in the protection of the walls and attics of our homes, But attics are the favorite spot for wild animals. It's very common to have wild animals move into the attic of our home causing damage, introducing parasites and spreading disease